How Diversity and Inclusion Leaders Can Drive Measurable Results

Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) leaders rarely have a blueprint for driving measurable impact while making everyone care. Until now. Pairing a powerful goal-setting methodology like OKRs with initiatives is the D&I leaders' best chance for success.

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Show the Influence of Great D&I

Prove bottom-line impact of the D&I role by defining why it’s imperative, connecting D&I to financial outcomes, and improving teams with D&I processes.

Mapping the D&I Landscape

Discover the spectrum of D&I. What’s good? What’s bad? Grow the awareness of your organization as a D&I leader, bringing focus and practicality to your approach.

Correcting D&I Trends That Harm Companies

Learn which questions are the right questions and positively course correct your organization as D&I leader.

D&I Isn't a Risk, It's an Opportunity

Unite support for D&I using OKRs, positioning mental health as an objective to focus and build D&I momentum.

OKRs for a Better Workplace

Align your D&I plans and put the punchline in your initiatives with an OKR system built on autonomy, transparency, and accountability.

Building the D&I Business Case

Find the ROI on D&I. Garner support from your organization and leverage emotional and financial investment. Become adaptable by wearing multiple hats as a D&I leader.