You have one uniting responsibility for success: drive organizational effectiveness. How do you do that (or do it better)? We’ve outlined the strategies and tactics for you to drive effectiveness at any scale as Chief of Staff . 

Inspire Effective, Outcome-Focused Teams as 
Chief of Staff

Learn to win with effectiveness by focusing on the balance sheet, the customer, and your teams. 

Drive Effectiveness Over Efficiency 

Evolve beyond the tasks and checking off boxes. Develop an outcome mentality to drive the business forward.  

Develop a System for Outcomes vs Outputs 

Shifting team focus is key. Achieve results using OKRs for effectiveness, not efficiency.  

Maximize Results for Your Teams 

Align processes with your newfound OKRs, optimizing for clearer, smarter, faster efforts based on organizational needs.

Create Free-Flowing Process

OKRs are your benchmark for outcome-driven strategy. Follow our 3-step process to develop and implement OKRs. 

Build Your OKR Blueprint 

Ensure teams work on what matters, improve alignment with that goal, and deepen strategy through collaboration. 

Enhance Focus, Synchronicity, and Collaboration 


About the Author

As a member of the Leadership Team, Harry drives organizational effectiveness and alignment across Gtmhub through leading critical company-sponsored cross-functional initiatives and managing OKRs to support strategy execution, innovation, and leadership.

Chief of Staff, GTMHUB

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