How the Chief Strategy Officer Drives Multi-Axis Alignment

The CSO plays a vital role in orchestrating strategic clarity and alignment. Here’s how to overcome organizational impediments and increase effective strategy execution.

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Boost Performance

Instill ownership and intrinsic motivation in employees to focus on outcomes and achieve goals.

Break silos

Increase collaboration and coordination of teams and functions to bring focus to strategic priorities and maximize organizational effectiveness. 

Create horizontal alignment

Establish rhythms and processes to align initiatives and integrate work through coordination and collaboration supporting strategic objectives. 

Increase adaptability

Create and empower cross-functional teams to deploy and execute strategy faster and more effectively, with greater responsiveness and more resilience. 

Inspire innovation

Cultivate a culture of fearless ideation and brainstorming to encourage new initiatives and creativity.

Encourage collaboration

Provide the processes and tools for people to proactively identify and manage dependencies and coordinate work to maximize results in the virtual workplace.