You face unprecedented challenges in leading a distributed workforce of knowledge workers to achieve results that matters: pipeline and brand growth.  
You’re not alone. Achieving outsized results begins with a single methodology that has massive implications for your strategy and culture as CMO.

How the Modern CMO Achieves Outsized Results Through an Empowered Culture 

Learn to win with effectiveness by focusing on the balance sheet, the customer, and your teams. 

Drive Effectiveness Over Efficiency 

Define your path to successful execution and use OKRs to outline your strategy. 

Master the Strategy-Execution Balance 

Empower results by empowering culture: define it, build it, sustain it. 

Learn Why Culture is Critical to Results 

Maximize your inputs with an outcome focus through OKRs. 

Accomplish More by Doing Less 

OKRs are your benchmark for outcome-driven strategy. Follow our 3-step process to develop and implement OKRs. 

Build Your OKR Blueprint 

Ensure teams work on what matters, improve alignment with that goal, and deepen strategy through collaboration. 

Enhance Focus, Synchronicity, and Collaboration 


About the Author

Jeremy Epstein is the Chief Marketing Officer at Gtmhub, the world’s leading SaaS provider enabling the OKR (objectives and key results) goal-setting methodology. Prior to Gtmhub, Jeremy was the vice president of marketing at Sprinklr, which grew during his four-year tenure from a $20 million valuation and 30 people to a $1.8 billion valuation and 1,400 people. Jeremy also serves as the co-chief investment officer of the Crypto Futura Fund, a thesis-driven hedge fund that identifies undervalued, high potential blockchain-based tokens in the emerging crypto asset class. He has written three books, more than 150 articles and nearly 1,000 blog posts on the impact of blockchain technologies on society and has briefed senior US Department of Defense officials on multiple occasions.

Jeremy Epstein 
Chief Marketing Officer, GTMHUB

AuthorWhat's Inside

Chief Technology Officer and co-founder, GTMHUB

Lukewarm doesn’t move the needle, regardless of whether you’re in marketing or leadership.
Why do you as a CMO stand out?
Because you are the torchbearer of creativity and culture in the modern organization. You don’t set the bar, you elevate it.
You pragmatically build, plan, and strategize with other c-suite leaders. You listen, empathize, and collaborate with your marketing team.
You must juggle innovation with results, a constant balance of coloring outside the lines while illustrating a beautiful picture that sells.
How do you find your edge as the leader of marketing, which arguably has more competition, diversity, and drive for differentiation than any other department? Your strategy and system for execution define the possibilities.

The Marketing Torchbearer 

Learn how Jeremy Epstein, CMO of the world’s #1 provider of OKR-inspired business orchestration software Gtmhub, discovered how to build a culture (after much trial and error) that balances empowerment with results accountability.
The Result: One of the world’s fastest-growing SaaS companies

The Secret Sauce?: Objectives and Key Results (OKR) methodology
In this whitepaper, you’ll learn:

  • How to waste less time and earn more of it back for you and your team?

  • How to ensure you are spending your time on the BIG stuff?

  • Which problems do you have that only OKRs can solve?  

  • Where OKRs will NOT help you as CMO? 

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